PIR Motion Sensor Switch(Black)


Add the male and female dc plugs at R20 per set

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– The motion detector uses sensitive detectors and integrated circuits. With automation, convenience, safety, energy saving and practical functions. It uses infrared energy from humans as a control signal source, and when someone enters the detection area, the load can be activated immediately. It can automatically recognize day and night. It is easy to install and versatile.

– The delay is automatically turned off in the dark, and when entering/exceeding the sensing range, it will automatically turn on/off within a 15s adjustable delay time.

Application areas:
– It is suitable for automatic lighting of corridors, corridors, bathrooms, basements, warehouses, garages and other places, as well as automatic control of automatic ventilation fans and other electrical appliances.

Temperature compensation:
– The temperature compensation chip shortens the sensing distance affected by temperature.

1. Model: TDL-2025
2. Material: plastic
3. Project color: Black
4. Working voltage: 12V
5. Output current: 5A
6. Time range: 15s (adjustable)
7. Working temperature: -15-50 degrees Celsius
8. Quiescent current: <50A
9. Sensing range: 3-5m
10. Induction distance: 5-7m

Package Included:
1x switch sensor
1x tape
1x screw
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