·High brightness

·Self-adhesive tape on each module

·Energy efficient, major reduction in power costs

·Low heat, high brightness, works well under harsh conditions

·Long service life more than 15000 hrs, virtually no maintenance during lifetime

without lead, mercury, and other harmful substances; healthy, environmental friendly


·quantity of led: 1 pc

·Power Consumption: 1.5W

·Luminous flux: 130lm per watt

·input voltage: DC 12V

·protection grade: IP68

·size: 50(L) * 35(W) * 15(H) mm

·life span: >15000h

·beam angle: 30 degree


·Channel Letters Backlighting

·Advertisement Signs Backlighting

·Advertisement Light Boxes Backlighting

*Also have these modules in Cool white, Warm white, Red, Blue and Yellow